(Contains 70 photos)
Some recent local landscapes portfolio
(Contains 70 photos)
Portraits and weddings portfolio I am happy to shoot portraits for a personal and corporate use. I also shoot casting pictures and weddings. I also design and prepare albums and books.
(Contains 32 photos)
Exhibition Portfolios portfolio These are the images that I have hung in exhibitions over the past few years
(Contains 129 photos)
School Stage and Sport portfolio I worked in schools for some years and I have always been in demand to photograph major events for marketing, annuals and records. I am happy to participate in any school marketing campaign and can produce styled and candid shots of school teaching, sports and dramatic and musical productions. Photographs of dress rehearsals can be rapidly prepared for timely press and web promotions for drama, dance and music.
(Contains 167 photos)
Lombok portfolio Photos from a two recent trips to this fascinating part of the world. Dry season and wet season!
(Contains 379 photos)
Archive of Past Portfolios portfolio Past portfolios moved here.
(Contains 214 photos)
RockleighRoad portfolio March 2014 update to views of lots.
(Contains 124 photos)
SHCB portfolio
(Contains 77 photos)
Fine Furniture portfolio
(Contains 20 photos)
HeadOn Slides portfolio
(Contains 36 photos)
Tests portfolio