Second Glance exhibition on now

04th September 2012
Michael Pugh
Second Glance
Statement by the artist

Second Glance is a two-for-one exhibition featuring archival-quality printing of some of my recent photographic work. ‘Portraits of Young Southern Highlanders’ and ‘Impressions of Landscape’ will be on display here at Coffee Culture from Monday 3 September until Saturday 13 October 2012.

The two themes are linked by in-camera photographic techniques that capture movement and mood contained within a vision for colour and design. The subjects portrayed in the portraits are young people who have impressed me with their enthusiasm and talents in various fields— there’s an Australian mountain bike champion, a virtuosic cellist, an aspiring author—but these images are only snapshots of their potential. As a series of pictures, it is for me very much an exciting work in progress and I know of many other young Southern Highlanders that could yet be included if time ever allows.

The large landscapes vary in subject, scope and scale but they are all colourful expressions of our local region as well as nearby coast and city impressions. On viewing the works, you may be left wondering if I ever get to stand still but I think this style produces fabulous impressions from our marvellous landscape. These prints may be ordered unframed or framed.

More examples of my work can be viewed at: .

I have also recently released an on-demand print book to coincide with the Second Glance exhibition. Ordering details for print and e-versions can also be found on my website.

Follow the link to view the original media release